UA Construction COVID-19 Update

Enhanced Protocols for UA Projects to Mitigate COVID-19 Transmission

The University of Alabama greatly respects and appreciates the men and women that work on our projects and the following protocols are being immediately implemented for their benefit:

  • No more than 2 people in an elevator, manlift, or buckhoist at any time (please post signage)
  • Place sanitation stations at the access points to every floor where work is taking place
  • Social distancing must be observed to the maximum extent possible including no physical gathering or meeting of more than 10
  • As available, screen workers as they enter the project sites each day and require any who have a fever over 100.4° or exhibit symptoms not to report to work
  • Place multi-lingual notices that encourage hand hygiene at the entrances to the workplace
  • Encourage breaks and meals to be taken outdoors and not inside buildings or structures
  • Discourage sharing tools and provide the means to disinfect tools and equipment as appropriate
  • Increase the frequency of cleaning/disinfection of porta johns to daily
  • To the greatest extent practical and as available, require the use of cloth or other face masks.
  • To the greatest extent practical, encourage workers to ride in separate vehicles to campus
  • No more than 2 persons per buggy/golf cart
  • Regularly wipe down commonly used surfaces

Project Logistics Information


The parking lots adjacent to the projects have been opened to facilitate parking for workers taking separate vehicles to campus. If you aren’t sure which parking lot is available, contact the UA Project Manager.

This will be rescinded immediately upon the resumption of normal business operations

Traveling to/from Campus

Campus parking permit hangtags are being issued to facilitate travel to/from campus for construction-essential personnel. Contact your UA Project Manager or Field Coordinator for more information


The CDC has printable signs available at:

Information from OSHA:

CDC’s page on Coronavirus:

Associated General Contractors of America page on Coronavirus:

Associated Builders and Contractors page on Safety Resources: