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UA Construction COVID Update #4

UA hosted a webinar to give the fourth update on construction-related guidelines resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Review the slide deck below for specific rules and guidelines to follow.

Key Takeaways:

  • New UA Construction Text Helpline – just text your question to (205) 202-0173 and someone will help get the information you need. On your phone? Tap here to text us!
  • Masks are required in UA buildings
  • New jobsite requirements
  • Updated jobsite parking and transportation guidelines

Slide Deck

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CISC Guidelines

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Parking Memo & Map

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Campus Signage

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UA Construction COVID-19 May Update

UA held a webinar to update the construction community about COVID-19 protocols.

Key Takeaways:
  • Reinforce safety practices on the job sites
  • UA will be providing enhanced signage for job sites
  • Upload corporate logos to the UA Box Site — Click here to upload
  • We have a limited supply of thermometers available. Please request them from Joe Cobb –
  • Updated Protocols and COVID-19 Responses are due by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, May 15th. Rather than sending them to your project managers, please upload them here.
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UA Construction COVID-19 Update

Enhanced Protocols for UA Projects to Mitigate COVID-19 Transmission

The University of Alabama greatly respects and appreciates the men and women that work on our projects and the following protocols are being immediately implemented for their benefit:

  • No more than 2 people in an elevator, manlift, or buckhoist at any time (please post signage)
  • Place sanitation stations at the access points to every floor where work is taking place
  • Social distancing must be observed to the maximum extent possible including no physical gathering or meeting of more than 10
  • As available, screen workers as they enter the project sites each day and require any who have a fever over 100.4° or exhibit symptoms not to report to work
  • Place multi-lingual notices that encourage hand hygiene at the entrances to the workplace
  • Encourage breaks and meals to be taken outdoors and not inside buildings or structures
  • Discourage sharing tools and provide the means to disinfect tools and equipment as appropriate
  • Increase the frequency of cleaning/disinfection of porta johns to daily
  • To the greatest extent practical and as available, require the use of cloth or other face masks.
  • To the greatest extent practical, encourage workers to ride in separate vehicles to campus
  • No more than 2 persons per buggy/golf cart
  • Regularly wipe down commonly used surfaces

Project Logistics Information


The parking lots adjacent to the projects have been opened to facilitate parking for workers taking separate vehicles to campus. If you aren’t sure which parking lot is available, contact the UA Project Manager.

This will be rescinded immediately upon the resumption of normal business operations

Traveling to/from Campus

Campus parking permit hangtags are being issued to facilitate travel to/from campus for construction-essential personnel. Contact your UA Project Manager or Field Coordinator for more information


The CDC has printable signs available at:

Information from OSHA:

CDC’s page on Coronavirus:

Associated General Contractors of America page on Coronavirus:

Associated Builders and Contractors page on Safety Resources:

UA Campus Construction Operational Update

UA Campus Construction Operational Update

March 27, 2020

The University of Alabama’s institutional construction along with the suppliers and contractors that support that work are exempt from the City of Tuscaloosa’s executive order instituting a 24-hour curfew.

In light of this exemption, note the following operational updates:

  • Drawing reviews and all other normal construction and renovation work on campus will continue at this time.  All pay apps and invoicing also continue as normal.
  • Currently, the University is experiencing no interruption in inspection services. Should there be an interruption or a delay in inspection services, UA will use in-house staff or rely on our architectural and engineering partners to provide inspections.
  • The University continues to provide all requested all line locates and shutdowns. Contractors should continue following the University’s standard operating procedure for those activities.
  •  The University is working closely with the City of Tuscaloosa to provide passes for our partners to facilitate access to campus. Once the process is in place, we will update you as to how to get those passes.

Along with emails, all updates are posted online at

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your project manager.

Construction Operations and Safety During C-19

The slide deck from today’s webinar is embedded below.If you haven’t already, sign up for our mailing list so we can get important information to you:
*Remember to provide a detailed summary of all project-specific guidelines and measures that are being taken to address C-19 concerns. This summary should include your confirmation and commitment to adhering to all stated measures and C-19 governmental requirements. This should be sent to the PM by noon Friday, March 27, 2020.*

Bid Delivery
Please be sure to hand deliver bids to 405 Cahaba Circle. Click here for directions via Google. If you have any issues, contact Dan Rodgers at or (205) 657-3644.
Online Meetings
We use the Zoom application for our online meetings. Attendees are able to participate in meetings without Zoom accounts; however, to make it easier you can go ahead and download the Zoom application ahead of time. You can also download the Zoom app on your Apple Device or Android device.
Important Links
Online Public Info Site:
Page on Online Meetings:
Communication Signup Form:

Buses & Parking
The construction buses are running and we are sanitizing them several times a day. Please practice social distancing. We have also opened all lots adjacent to construction sites.

If you had a question earlier but couldn’t ask it via the chat box, email it to me and I’ll work on getting you the info you need. Feel free to forward this email to those who might need it. Thanks to everyone for the adaptability and patience this week.
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Online Meeting Information During Limited Business Operations

While UA is limiting its business operations, we have taken the following steps with regard to bid openings and other meetings.  Starting March 24, 2020 these meetings will be moved online.  A list of meetings and links to join them online is available below. This listing will be updated regularly as more online meetings are set.  Additional projects will be added as scheduled and UA will provide updates as needed.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Delivery of Bids:  Bids will be received in a secure drop box located in front of the Procurement Service Annex at 405 Cahaba Circle on the University Services Campus (the same building where bids are currently received).  The building will be locked, but the drop box will be monitored and emptied prior to the bid opening.  Bidders are strongly encouraged to hand deliver bids to the drop box as FedEx and UPS deliveries may be delayed.

Bid Openings:  Bid openings will take place as scheduled unless modified by addendum and can be viewed online.  A list of upcoming bids with links for viewing is available at  Certified bid tabulations will still be issued by email and all bid tabulations will be posted here.

Pre-Bid Meetings:  Pre-bid Meetings will also be held online. A list with links can be found below. Attendance is not mandatory, but is highly encouraged.  Addenda will be issued based on attendance at the pre-bid meeting.

Pre-Construction and Other Meetings:  For information about all other construction-related meetings, please contact the project manager for your project.